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Credit Repair, Bankruptcy and Loan Modifications

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As an American, the law provides consumer protections, regarding their credit, from creditors

Consumer Credit Repair & Consultation

The Law offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates offers free loan modification, credit repair consultation, which includes a complete review of your current financial situation. You stand a much better chance of success at acquiring true debt relief by aligning yourself with, skilled New York, consumer credit repair, credit consultation and bankruptcy lawyers of the Rubinstein, Zeh Law Firm. Our attorneys are not only trained in handling simple credit, credit repair and bankruptcy matters, we take care of complex bankruptcy litigation, and foreclosure litigation in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, Bronx, Westchester, Richmond County, Manhattan and Brooklyn Kings County New York.

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During your initial consultation with the law firm of Rubinstein, Zeh & Associates or one of our other trained attorneys, you will learn about how credit repair can benefit and help re build your fico score, and the distinction between federal consumer and business bankruptcy protection, discharge, discharge ability (elimination) of certain debt, the role of alimony and student loans, etc., in your specific bankruptcy strategy, and for creditors, aggressive advocacy when fraud or a fraudulent conveyance is alleged.

The Law Firm of Rubinstein, Zeh & Associates concentrates heavily on foreclosure defense, loan modifications, consumer credit repair and bankruptcy matters — any type of bankruptcy, even in times of emergency bankruptcy filings for clients in Nassau and Suffolk, Kings and Queens Counties, on Long Island and all New York City boroughs. Contact us today to speak with accomplished, attentive attorneys who truly care about your future.

Credit repair, bankruptcy and mortgage loan modification and foreclosure defense, Creditor fraud, Attorneys Serving all of Nassau, Suffolk Long Island, all New York City boroughs including Kings and Queens Counties

The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh & Associates can help repair your bad credit

Our experience in helping consumers affordably repair their bad Law has made the Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates a valuable asset for many families that are going through financially ruff times. Our attorneys have the knowledge and tools to that you and your family will need to help you on your path to financial health. We know the laws, the road blocks, and the process. We put our many years of experience to work for our clients and their families.

We understand your questions and concerns:

  • What affects my credit score?
  • What’s in my credit report?
  • Do the credit companies have to share my information with the credit bureaus?
  • Is it only about credit bureaus and a fico score?
  • I want to get started with my credit repair, but who should I contact?

Since 2003, The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh & Associates has provided expert credit repair services and experienced support to thousands of people.

The FTC & Consumer Credit Repair Fraud

Credit repair is legal, but some companies are not. The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh & Associates provides the following fraud detection guidelines to help you steer clear of illegitimate credit repair companies.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Role in Fighting Credit Repair Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws in the United States. In its capacity, the FTC offers a number of suggestions and warnings to consumers regarding credit repair organizations.

Beware of credit repair services that request fees in advance

The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh & Associates does not charge you in advance.

Beware of credit repair services that don’t disclose your rights

Consumers have the right to attempt credit repair on their own. The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh offers its affordable legal services to those clients who prefer having legal professionals help them manage their credit disputes and creditor interventions.

Beware of credit repair services that advocate “new” identities

It is unlawful to create a “new” identity by applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to replace one’s Social Security Number. File segregation is a serious crime that can result in fines or imprisonment.

Beware of companies that imply FTC endorsement

The FTC does not endorse any business. If a credit repair organization implies FTC endorsement, you would do well to proceed with caution.


We are a full service law firm that can give you the protection that you need under the bankruptcy laws.

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The Easy 3-Step Process to Filing For Bankruptcy:

  1. Free Consultation
  2. Get Started
  3. Sign and File

During your free initial consultation you will meet with an experienced attorney who will review your financial situation and answer any questions that you have about bankruptcy. We will explain the process of bankruptcy and what you can expect. You won’t be rushed and we will spend however long is necessary so you feel comfortable. You will walk out of the office with a clear understanding of how you can wipe your financial slate clean and get a fresh start. We will also provide you with a short questionnaire and list of documents that are needed to prepare your bankruptcy paperwork.

When you are ready to get rid of your debt and change your financial situation all you need to do is call to make an appointment. Immediately all of the paperwork will be prepared by one of the Attorney’s at  Rubinstein, Zehs office. You can now rest easy knowing that you’ll soon be on your way to financial freedom and debt relief. In emergencies such as a foreclosure sale date of a home or frozen bank account, or garnishment of your pay check the paperwork can be prepared and filed within the same day.

When you come back to sign we will review all of the documents that are going to be filed. You’ll be provided with copies of everything for your records after signing. Immediately after signing the paperwork your bankruptcy will be filed in court. Any necessary follow up with the creditors will be done so they are aware that you are now protected by the federal bankruptcy laws. After your bankruptcy is filed the creditors are legally prohibited from contacting you or attempting to collect on any of your debts.

Once your bankruptcy is filed the creditors will stop any lawsuits or wage garnishments.

When you are struggling with unmanageable debt, high interest rates, unpaid bills, unexpected expenses and creditor harassment, it can all seem very stressful and overwhelming. Recovering your financial stability and quality of life is all but impossible without taking steps to change your current circumstances. With the right information and advice provided to you by a legal professional at The Law offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates you have the opportunity to make a decision that will positively impact your finances – and put your concerns at ease. Give yourself a fresh start and the clean slate to your financial life today by contacting The Law offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates.

Stop Burdensome Creditors

Stop those annoying phone calls from debt collectors at home and at work. The moment your bankruptcy is filed your creditors legally cannot contact you anymore. You can rest easy knowing you can answer your phone again and not be harassed. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates will stop any wage garnishment, unfreeze your bank accounts, remove liens on your house, respond to lawsuits, stop a foreclosure and in some cases eliminate a second mortgage.

Rebuild Your Credit After Filing For Bankruptcy

You can also start rebuilding your credit almost immediately by taking certain steps after filing for bankruptcy. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates will advise you on ways to rebuild your credit through our consumer credit repair programs.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Loan Modification

If you’re thinking about asking your lender to modify your mortgage, you’ll need to decide if it is worth paying for an attorney to help you with the process. While you have every right to apply for a mortgage loan modification on your own, in some instances (say you need help understanding your legal rights or the mortgage servicer violates the law by dual tracking your loan during the mortgage loan modification process), hiring an attorney just might make the difference between getting your mortgage modified and losing your home.

Understanding Mortgage Modifications

Before you can figure out if you should hire an attorney to help you with a mortgage loan modification, you must first understand the basics about mortgage loan modifications. A mortgage loan modification is a permanent restructuring of your mortgage where the lender changes one or more of the terms of the loan so that it’s more affordable. With a mortgage loan modification, the lender may agree to do one of more of the following to reduce your monthly payment:

  • Reduce the interest rate.
  • Forgive some of the principal balance.
  • Convert from a variable interest rate to a fixed interest rate.
  • Extend of the length of the term of the loan.

In order to get a mortgage loan modification you usually have to submit an application to your mortgage servicer (the company you make your monthly mortgage payments to) along with certain documents, such as recent paystubs and bank statements. Learn more about mortgage loan modifications and other alternatives to foreclosure.

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When You Should Hire an Attorney to Help With Your Mortgage Modification

Below are some situations where you should consider hiring, or at least consulting with, an attorney.

You Don’t Know What to Do in Your Situation

If you aren’t sure what to do (say you’re facing foreclosure, but you aren’t sure if a mortgage loan modification is right for you) and want to know about all of your options, an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and give advice about the best course of action in your situation. Depending on your individual circumstances, the attorney may recommend:

  • Pursuing a mortgage loan modification.
  • Fighting the foreclosure in court.
  • Giving up the property in a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

You Don’t Know How to Fill Out the Modification Paperwork

Hiring an attorney at the Law Office of Rubinstein, Zeh & Associates may be a good idea if you want a mortgage loan modification.  We can help you understand the application process or help fix a complicated situation. For example, it may be worthwhile to hire an attorney at our if you’ve spoken to your loan servicer about a mortgage loan modification, but are confused about:

  • why did I get turned down for a loan modification?
  • how do I fill out the application for a loan modification?
  • what documentation do I need to submit along with my loan modification application?
  • how to explain my financial hardship or situation in the application?
  • how much income do I need to qualify for my loan modification?
  • why won’t the bank accept my income for my loan modification?

An attorney at the law offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and associates can help you properly package your loan modification so that your bank can approve your file and help you fill out paperwork and make sure that you present your situation in the best light possible. (Keep in mind that you can also get free help with your application package from a HUD-approved housing counselor rather than hiring an attorney to help you. Go to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s webpage to find the contact information for a housing counseling agency near you.)

The mortgage loan modification process can be very intimidating to anyone who doesn’t have any prior experience. While any person, by themselves, can start a mortgage loan modification; those who not have adequate experience or deficient in negotiation skills, are at risk of failing, losing your home or you may not get the most favorable terms without hiring the proper lawyer.

We are dedicated to your success — so contact us. Speak with one of our knowledgeable Long Island credit repair, mortgage loan modification, bankruptcy attorneys, personal bankruptcy litigation attorneys today from wherever you are in New York in Nassau and Suffolk, Brooklyn, Kings and Queens Counties, on Long Island and all New York City boroughs including Bronx, Westchester, Richmond County, and Manhattan.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
Get Help With Bankruptcy Plan Now
be prepared before creditors freeze your bank account or garnish your pay.

You should know you have certain legal rights and must be very selective of the Lawyer or Law Firm that you chose to represent you. Have an Attorney council you on the Right Decision for You.

Loan Modifications * Short Sale * Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Defense
Foreclosure Defense * Chapter 7 Bankruptcy * Chapter 13 Bankruptcy * Loan Mod Tips
Stopping Creditor Harassment * Debt Negotiation * Bankruptcy Litigation


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