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Dave Fischer, Executive Board member of ARPO and a Retired NYPD

Dave Fischer, Executive Board member of ARPO and a Retired NYPD Pictured With Chief Kevin Smith, Chief of Detectives NYPD

To whom it may concern,

My name is Dave Fischer, Executive Board member with ARPO, Association of Retired Police Officers based in Mineola, NY.   Recently, Christine Castiglia Rubinstein, of Castiglia-Rubinstein & Associates, were guest speakers at our general meeting held at the Nassau County Police Department PBA office .

Their presentation on Elder Law & Estate Planning was very efficient, knowledgeable, and extremely informative,  relating to investing your retirement, protecting your retirement money, and various forms of legal estate planning issues and estate protection techniques that they are capable of handling should it be necessary.

 We thank, Christine Castiglia Rubinstein for her expertise and insightful presentation.
Dave Fischer, Executive Board member ARPO
Retired  NYPD

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