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If you are charged with burglary, theft or robbery, you need a criminal defense attorney to ensure your case reaches the best resolution for your circumstances. At The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates we bring the experience and dedication in handling tough cases and advocating for our clients when they are in difficult situations. Burglary and robbery are crimes that are aggressively prosecuted and often carry tough sentences. It is imperative that you secure an attorney who will work hard to advocate for you and investigate your case. The majority of cases with charges of burglary resulting in jail time.

What Are Common Burglary and Robbery Cases?

Charges of theft, robbery, and burglary vary in scale of severity and, therefore, in sentencing. Sentences are tough for these crimes. Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates will mount an aggressive strategy to fight for your rights and your future. First-degree burglary is a Class B felony. This means that, if you are convicted, your employment prospects, opportunities for public services, and eligibility for certain kinds of loans, will be compromised. When an armed individual harms or threatens residents after entering a home unlawfully, this is considered first-degree burglary. The sentence can carry up to 25 years in prison.

Second-degree burglary is a Class C felony comparable to first-degree burglary and can carry a sentence of up to fifteen years.

Third-degree burglary, a Class-D felony, involves unlawfully entering into any building, not just a domicile, with an intention to commit a crime. Typical sentences carry up to seven years in prison.

Petit larceny occurs when an individual steals property that is less than or equal to $1,000.00.


Individuals who have a history of theft-related criminal charges are subject to more severe sentences than first offenders. In such cases, it is critical to secure an attorney who can skillfully navigate the nuances of the legal system and work to find the best possible options for your case.


If you or someone you love has been charged with burglary, robbery, petit larceny, or other theft-related charges, contact our attorneys at The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates today for a confidential, free, and thorough 30-minute consultation.


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If you are convicted of a burglary or robbery in, New York you will be subjected to a variety of penalties, including loss of your freedom and jail time.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates are committed to forming a vigorous defense on behalf of individuals who stand accused of such crimes as a burglary or robbery. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of your rights, and the potential penalties that may arise and the possible weaknesses in the charges against you; such as improper testing equipment, inaccurate field sobriety tests or an illegal search and seizure.

At the Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates, we understand that no two cases are alike. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates, have many years of experience handling criminal defense cases. The attorneys at the law offices of Rubinstein, Zeh and Associates can help you navigate through the criminal defense process, and make it easily manageable in your time of need. Our attorneys are not only trained in handling simple burglary and robbery matters, we take care of complex criminal defense litigation in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, Bronx, Westchester, Richmond County, Manhattan and Brooklyn Kings County New York.


If you or a loved one has been charged in New York with theft, robbery or burglary you need a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. We have successfully handled misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. We have also represented those charged with more serious crimes.


We strive to protect our clients by creating effective strategic defenses for clients charged with:



If you, or a loved one, have been charged with theft, robbery or burglary, in the state of New York do yourself a favor and call our experienced criminal defense lawyers for a free consultation at 1-800-960-1529 or visit us online. We will use our experience, knowledge, aggressiveness and tenaciousness to get you the best possible results. Our lawyers offer reasonable rates, payment plans, and accept all major credit cards.


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